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CID Self-Collection Test Kit – Playing in the Sand (wk2)


*Covers Shipping and Handling Fee

No Stress. No Lines. No Hassle.


Lab Based PCR Test – Playing in the Sand (Week Two)


As COVID-19 continues to impact international travel and live events, we ask that all attendees remain mindful of their exposure risk in the weeks prior to travel. Creating a safe, comfortable experience for all guests, artists, and staff remains the highest priority for CID Presents.


For those unable to schedule a PCR test locally, Community Diagnostics is here to provide all guests the option for self-collection PCR tests. Shipping and handling for the COVID-19 Lab RT-PCR Self-Collection Test Kits cost $60 (shipping and handling) and ship directly to your home with easy-to-use, step-by-step instructions. After completing the test, you will ship it back to Community Diagnostics’ laboratory via a 1-Day FedEx return label that’s included in your kit.


In order to receive results in time, you must take the test in the morning 2 days before your event check-in, and return the test kit to FedEx by 12:00 pm local time. Please keep your tracking information.


IMPORTANT: All tests must be shipped from within the United States to process samples. We can not accept shipments from Mexico or outside of the United States.



IMPORTANT: Samples using our pre-paid shipping labels are scheduled to arrive in our laboratory before 12:00 PM PST/3:00 EST. Results are typically released within 12-24 hours of receipt. Note time zones can make a difference in terms of what time you can expect results! It could be into the wee hours of the morning on the east coast due to time zone differences.



Please be sure to utilize the QR code or the link provided upon checkout in order to immediately register your kit prior to performing your self-collection COVID-19 test. This will ensure proper handling of your kit at the testing laboratory. We suggest you set up your account with the QR code or link ASAP, but it must be set up prior to shipping your test results back to the lab.



IMPORTANT: Due to this order being related to healthcare, only one Test Kit can be ordered at a time. If you require more than one Test Kit, please clear your browser history to order additional tests.



Note: Only one sample is allowed per shipment (including shipment to lab.)



Please note these additional important details:
Community Diagnostics will ship your test kit to arrive at least 24 hours prior to the date you are required to perform and ship the self-test.

– You will be required to register your test kit on the day you complete the test. Instructions will be provided in your test kit.

– You must take your test the morning of 2 days before your event package begins.

– You must FedEx your sample back to the lab by 12:00pm local time 2 days before your event package begins.

Community Diagnostics will receive your package the next day, process your sample and email or text your results.

– Once you receive your results you can upload them to Bindle and be safely on your way to Playing in the Sand!

– If you have not received your results by 11:59PM PT the following day, please contact Community Diagnostics via

– This service is intended for those that can not easily get PCR tests within the requested window, especially in smaller communities or other areas where PCR testing is hard to come by.

***Registration Closed for 1/11 Arrivals. Unfortunately due to shipping timeframes required, we are unable to accept any additional orders for this date. Please see available dates below.***

Total Number of Kits:
Need help? Contact the Community Diagnostics Support Team at or (714‬) 924-4382 if you have any questions about this new service option. This team is happy to walk you through the registration process and to help ensure our VIPs are healthy and safe!


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